Cultural Appreciation/ Appropriation

Before we discuss this controversial subject, let’s discuss what we mean by the two terms. Cultural Appreciation – appreciation is when you seek to understand and learn about other cultures in an effort to broaden your perspective and connect with others cross-culturally. Appropriation is when you take, adopt or invent aspects of a culture thatContinue reading “Cultural Appreciation/ Appropriation”

St. Patrick, St. Sheelah and the Spring Equinox

Before the Spring Equinox approaches in Ireland, St. Sheelah’s Day is celebrated after St. Patrick’s Day. St. Sheelah was supposedly St.Patrick’s wife, but just as Brigid was changed from goddess to saint, so Sheelah was the original honoured at the Spring Equinox as Sheela-na-gig. Figures of this Celtic fertility Goddess who clutches her vulva withContinue reading “St. Patrick, St. Sheelah and the Spring Equinox”

Fleadh Cheoil

Fleadh Cheoil (festival of music) is an Irish music festival run by Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann (CCÉ), a non-profit organisation. The first national festival of Irish traditional music was held in Mullingar in 1951. At its inaugural meeting in September 1951, CCÉ came up with the title of Fleadh Cheoil, aiming to make this a great national festival of traditional music. The fleadh has beenContinue reading “Fleadh Cheoil”

An Mac Tíre: The Wolf and the Irish Son of the Earth; Fact and Lore

In the Brehon Laws, the wolf was dealt with in it’s context for being a threat to young livestock, particularly calves. ‘The Book of Werewolves’, S Baring-Gould. Wolf hunting was considered a public duty, with one law stating that a client had to go on a hunting excursion at least once a week for hisContinue reading “An Mac Tíre: The Wolf and the Irish Son of the Earth; Fact and Lore”

Calan Gaeaf

Whilst we are familiar with Samhain, which originates in Ireland and Scotland, we should also acknowledge Calan Gaeaf, an ancient Welsh celebration with lots of similarities with Samhain and Halloween. Calan Gaeaf is the name of the first day of winter in Wales, observed on 1 November. The night before is Noson Galan Gaeaf, an Ysbrydnos (English – Spirit Night) whenContinue reading “Calan Gaeaf”