Looking Forward and Back

Celtic Christian Druids

Samhain 2020

Calan Gaeaf

The Celtic Origin of Halloween

An Mac Tire: The Wolf and the Irish; Son of the Earth – Fact and Lore

The Threefold Path

An Cailleach Bhearthach and the Walker

The Duile

John Aubrey – Founder of Druid Renaissance/

The Warriors Feat – Source of Inspiration and the Ripple Effect

The Coligny Calendar

The Dream of Oengus

The Resonation Within by Sean Twomey

The Cycle by Sean Twomey


Solstice blessings from the Order of Celtic Wolves

The Sun is Further North on the Solstice

A Beltane Tale of Unrequited Love

Be responsible

Myth Busting: King Arthur’s Castle

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