An Mac Tíre: The Wolf and the Irish Son of the Earth; Fact and Lore

In the Brehon Laws, the wolf was dealt with in it’s context for being a threat to young livestock, particularly calves. ‘The Book of Werewolves’, S Baring-Gould. Wolf hunting was considered a public duty, with one law stating that a client had to go on a hunting excursion at least once a week for hisContinue reading “An Mac Tíre: The Wolf and the Irish Son of the Earth; Fact and Lore”

An Cailleach Bhéarthach and the Walker

A good time ago, there was a man, during the time of an Cailleach Bhéarthach that lived at the foot of the Néifinn mountains in County Mayo, and he thought he was a good man for walking as there was in Ireland. But he knew that an Cailleach Béarthach was that bit better than him.Continue reading “An Cailleach Bhéarthach and the Walker”

John Aubrey, founder of Druid Renaissance?

John Aubrey FRS (12 March 1626 – 7 June 1697) was an English antiquary, natural philosopher and writer. He was a pioneer archaeologist, who recorded (often for the first time) numerous megalithic and other field monuments in southern England, and who is particularly noted as the discoverer of the Avebury henge monument. The Aubrey holes at Stonehenge are named after him. Respected by fellow scientists asContinue reading “John Aubrey, founder of Druid Renaissance?”

The Warrior’s Feat- Source of Inspiration and the Ripple Effect

“Always follow your principles, even if it means running against the tide. Fight for what you believe is right, even though it may not be popular. The path of least resistance is the easy path of the many. However, even though you may feel alone, others will also run with you and join you. YouContinue reading “The Warrior’s Feat- Source of Inspiration and the Ripple Effect”

Sequani (Coligny) Calendar

Introduction When the Romans invaded Gaul, they made it law for the people to use the Julian calendar. Despite this the Sequanii tribe, kept the old lunisolar calendar of the ancient Celts alive right up to the second century. How do we know? In 1897 at Coligny (near Lyon) an amazing discovery was made. TheContinue reading “Sequani (Coligny) Calendar”

The Dream of Oengus(Aengus)

This particular legend was found in the Book of Leinster surviving from the 15th century and maybe familar to theWelsh ‘How Culhwch won Olwen’. It is also the primary source of information that is behind WB Yeats ‘ The Dream of Wandering Aengus’. I am not going to reproduce the original prose as you can lookContinue reading “The Dream of Oengus(Aengus)”